The free Tudor School 25-minute session is designed to assess the needs of the student in a friendly and comforting way. Once our teachers have reviewed the results, the teacher will talk with you directly to discuss the next steps on your journey.

Flexibility: Learning English online allows you to set your own schedule and study at your own pace. This is especially useful for people with busy schedules who may not have the time to attend regular in-person classes.

Convenience: Online English courses can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy to fit learning into your daily routine.

Cost-effective: Online English courses are often more affordable than in-person classes, as you don’t have to pay for transportation or other additional expenses.

Interactive learning: Many online English courses include interactive features such as live video chat sessions with teachers or other learners, allowing you to practice speaking and listening skills in a more immersive way.

Improved independence: Learning English online can help you to develop self-study skills and become more independent in your learning process. This can be especially useful if you are preparing for exams or planning to study abroad.

Homework is included in all Tudor school programmes. Homework helps to reinforce and consolidate the knowledge and skills that you have acquired in class, and allows you to practice and apply what you have learned in a more structured and focused way. Homework can also help you to develop good study habits, such as time management and self-discipline, which are important skills to have in any learning environment.

Additionally, completing homework assignments can help you to stay motivated and engaged in your studies, as it gives you a sense of progress and accomplishment. For younger students it is also a good way for parents to be a part of the learning experience.


All students will need varying levels of support and will progress in unique ways. Following the initial trial, we will suggest what level you are and then we can explain how many lessons it will take to complete that level. As with traditional classroom-based schooling, consistency is key to steady progress.

Our courses follow the Cambridge English curriculums.  Cambridge English is a globally recognized provider of English language exams and qualifications, and their curriculum is based on rigorous research and development. By following the Cambridge English curriculum, you can be confident that your online course will cover all of the key language skills and provide learners with a solid foundation in English. The Cambridge English curriculum is also flexible and adaptable, allowing you to tailor your course to meet the needs and goals of your learners. Additionally, by following the Cambridge English curriculum, you can provide your learners with the opportunity to prepare for and take internationally recognised exams, such as the Cambridge English: First (FCE) or Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE). Overall, following the Cambridge English curriculum can help you to provide a high-quality and effective online English course for your learners.

To get the most out of our lessons we suggest that students use a larger screen.  Some of the benefits or using a tablet or computer over a phone are:

Improved visibility:  Make sure you can see all text and images clearly to help keep you engaged throughout

Enhanced interactive features: Many online lessons include videos, virtual whiteboards and interactive activities.  Using a larger screen will give you the best experience when engaging with such features.

Improved productivity: In some of our more specialist courses you may need to use other tabs during class, and if you are using a phone this becomes more complicated.

If you are having a technical issue while taking an online English course, it is important to contact the support team as soon as possible. They will be able to help you troubleshoot the issue and get you back on track with your studies. To contact the support team please go to your Hub dashboard and press on the button that says “contact support”

From time to time you will need to reschedule a lesson, this is normal and nothing to be worried about.  You can cancel or move a lesson up to 4 hours before the scheduled start time.  We can either arrange a new time with your teacher, or we can simply move the lesson to the end of the package for you.  If it is less than 4 hours before the scheduled start time then unfortunately this lesson will be marked as complete. 

It is a good idea for parents to attend online English lessons with younger students at first, especially if the students are new to online learning or need additional support. Having a parent or guardian present during the lesson can provide a sense of security and comfort for the student, and can also help to ensure that they are able to focus and stay on track with their studies. Additionally, having a parent or guardian present can help to facilitate communication and interaction between the student and the teacher, and can allow the parent to provide additional support or guidance if needed. However, it is important for parents to gradually transition to a more hands-off approach as the student becomes more comfortable with online learning and becomes more independent in their studies.